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Digital Doubles

At Firebolt, we scan Faces, Full body, Costumes and Props using our Photogrammetry system. Using advanced pipelines and tools we create hyper realistic Digital Doubles.

3D Scanning‚Äč

Face, Full Body and Props

Cross Polarized, Full body , Face and Prop scanning using our in-house and Mobile photogrammetry setup, for On-set Scanning.

Facial Rigging

FACS based Expression Scanning

FACS based facial rigs to bring your digital double to life.

Virtual Humans

Virtual Influencers & Avatars

Blurring the lines between digital and real, we create virtual influencers and avatars to represent your brand, AR or VR application.

Hair & Cloth

Realistic Hair & Costumes

Adding the final touches to the Digital doubles, we provide complete hair and costume creation services, which are simulation ready.